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We look forward to welcoming you to Westfield Country Club. Below is some information to help you prepare for your visit. 

Meeting Location

Guest of a Member: Please plan to meet our member at the bag drop or in the Golf Shop of the Clubhouse.  

Guest of an Event: The TV in the main lobby provides an event listing with event details and locations. 

Dress Code

All Members and guests of Westfield Country Club are required to follow the following dress code:

Facility-wide: Members and guests are required to wear shirts at all times while on the golf course or in the Clubhouse facilities. Shoes must be worn at all times. Tank tops, jogging shorts, tee shirts and cutoffs are not permitted.

Golf Course Specific: While on the golf course, men shall wear golf slacks or golf shorts (denim is not permitted) and golf shirts at all times.  While on the golf course, women shall wear golf slacks, golf shorts, or golf skirts (denim is not permitted) and golf shirts at all times.  Westfield Country Club is a spikeless preferred Club and encourages members and their guests to wear non-metal spikes. Replacement spikes may be purchased from the locker room attendant.

Clubhouse specific: Blue jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse. Swim and beach type apparel is not acceptable, without proper cover, while in the Clubhouse.